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The butterfly image is a good fit to this blot. There are others but this one resonates with me most because I am concerned with the theme of transformation. There is a lot of transformation potential in this blot. There is the symbolized transformation associated with the butterfly image and positive change. There is the  transformation from the dark color in the center to the bright colors on the outside that could symbolize overcoming adversity. Now, I have to compose my painting. The possibilities are many. I could do almost anything ranging from a multitude of little butterflies on top of the larger image or develop one large image of a butterfly. I have to find a butterfly model……I don’t want to use a  photograph because I want the natural effect provided by reality—–the effect of  real light and form that I can observe and translate in my own way.

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Rorschach Painting Blot PREP

rorschach-prep-rdyellblk-vertical-reversedrorschach-prep-rdyellblk-reversedRorschach Painting Blot Preparation

 I have decided to share the process of my thinking and painting when I start a new Rorschach painting. So, I have included an image of a plain blot presented to show its four orientations (two horizontal and two vertical).rorschach-prep-rdyellblk-vertical1

I will visually analyze the images and determine the shapes that look like something to me. This will help me decide what to do with the blot—how to compose a painting. Once I start painting/drawing I will enter images of my work in progress. Meanwhile, have fun playing with the blots!

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