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The Rorschach Muse




Cadmium red, cadmium yellow and sepia watercolor blot with three representational portraits

Andy Warhol had this to say about his series of Rorschach Paintings, ” I was trying to do these to actually read into them and write about them.” (As reported by Mia Fineman )

I had a different motive. I wanted to share with the world what is perhaps the single most fascinating part of my life as a Psychologist; that is the  unique connection that I feel to patients when suddenly I can see the world their way because I see what they see in a Rorschach. That is truly rewarding and has oftentimes left me more able to empathize with the wants and hurts of clients. We can all benefit from more experience seeing through the eyes of others. 

The Rorschach Muse is pure fun to me. I had great fun associating visually to the original blot. For example, I conveniently placed the portrait in a spot that allowed me to suggest that it was a picture of a woman with braids because of the two fuzzy,thick lines on either side of her head. However, if one analyzes the blot carefully there is a logics problem because the line on the left is too far from her head to be a braid. I don’t recall what shapes I elaborated to create the illusion of a funny looking hat. The model who posed for this painting seems to possess the secret of joy, which I think is a rich inner life.

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